It's hard to put the story of Nikea Marie into words. A wife, a mother, and a friend to an amazing group of people, she wears many hats in the entertainment industry. The DMV-based creative was surrounded by gospel music and R&B in her younger years, and by the time she started writing lyrics she already had a good sense of her sound. A mix of those influential genres with more urban and poppy undertones set her apart from the sounds of today. Apart from the music, she is an actress and motivational speaker, and this also gives her music a unique spin. Her vocal performances are highlighted on every track, and she can carry a note with dynamic range that can capture the attention of any listener.

Her background as a speaker gives her music a lyrical core of positivity and hope, something desperately needed during these times. All of this paired with her natural determination has led her career to see great success. This drive also produced phenomenal independent accomplishments, such as six figures views on her music video for her hit single "I Believe In Me" and countless performances on award show stages and television programs. She has graced the stage with noted gospel legends such as Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, and Mary Mary.

Not only has her return single reached big numbers on YouTube, it has been streamed over half a million times on platforms and topped the charts in iTunes South Africa. All of these are just icing on the cake for Nikea however. The goal of every creative outlet for her is to inspire people to pursue their dreams, push through the obstacles, and find that spark of happiness that can turn the tides in your life

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